Oil Spill Containment

Save with Well Site Guard

Avoid the downtime, labor, financial and environmental costs of oil spills with Well Site Guard. Our solution completely encloses the wellhead, containing any spills and making your worksite safer and compliant with ERCB/EPA regulations. It eliminates your need for daily cleanup, improves your operational efficiency and reduces labor expenses.

Well Site Guard Classic is cost-effective – and pays for itself in just three months. It’s also the only reusable wellhead containment solution on the market, multiplying your savings.

How to Prevent Oil Spills with 10-Minute Installation

Operators in the field can easily install 25 units in a single day and must only review instructions once before proceeding.

The top of the unit is made of the same durable form of polycarbonate plastic used in airplane windows. This means your unit remains fully operational in northern Canada in the dead of winter or in Texas at the height of summer without issue.

Get the Details on Our Oil Spill Containment Kit

Each new Well Site Guard comes fully equipped with our Rain Guard at the top, preventing dust, debris or rain from entering the unit. With a powder coated aluminum basin and permanently attached urethane seal, it’s designed to last for decades. The top is easily removable for quick maintenance, and the entire unit can transferred to another well and reused.

The Well Site Guard Classic Stuffing Box 14″ is compatible with the following models:

Model 1959 – 2 3/8 production tee – 92 mm or 3.6″
Model 1961 – 2 7/8 production tee – 104 mm or 4.1″
Model 1962 – 3 or 3 ½ production tee – 122 mm or 4.8″
Model 1964 – JM-BOP – 88 mm or 3.4″
Model 1966 – 18” Basin