Integrated Well Spacing Tool & Rod Rotator

If you are an E&P company who values safety and is frustrated by costs associated with inaccurate well spacing, traditional rod rotator failures, and rod string wear, we can help. RotaTap™ reduces safety risk to oilfield personnel and may save thousands in maintenance costs and lost productivity.

The RotaTap™ design is based on thirty years of field operation experience and the belief that there is a safer, more efficient way to space a well while improving operability and reliability beyond traditional rod rotators.

To fine tune well spacing, 12” of height adjustability provides a safe and precise method to adjust the rod string without removal of the rod clamps.

With excellent results in field trials over four years, the RotaTap rod rotator has met and exceeded performance benchmarks.

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  • Artificial lift operations frequently use a rod rotator to reduce erosional wear on the rod string. However, in some areas the geology creates gas interference and thus requires some wells to be tapped/tagged frequently.
  • Traditional rod rotators require removal of the rod clamps which is time consuming and exposes the operator to an elevated safety risk with considerable pinch point and body positioning hazards.
  • The RotaTap rod rotator’s height adjustability feature eliminates the need to remove rod clamps, and its 12” of travel improves tap accuracy for maximum BHP stroke utilization, thereby reducing risk of pump damage or failure.
  • Pump failures result in lost production time, as well as considerable replacement pump and well servicing costs.
  • RotaTap rod rotators are built to last.  Manufactured with premium bearings, quality castings and high alloy steel, their robust design and durability set them apart.


RotaTap™ reduces the oilfield operator's risk of injury when adjusting the rod string. This is especially important in remote areas, when the operator is working alone.


The RotaTap rod rotator height adjustability allows for an accurate tap to increase pump longevity. Deeper wells may require more frequent minor adjustments due to their complexity.


Field studies show using a RotaTap rod rotator is up to 2-3X faster when tapping/tagging a well. Avoiding premature downhole pump failure saves thousands of dollars. RotaTap extends the life of the rod string and prevents erosional wear. It reduces downtime & lost well production.


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Its weather sealed design with high-alloy aluminum casting and premium bearing arrangement is built to last.


Compatible with 1 1/8" to 1 1/2” polished rods


Total available travel for adjustments is 12”


Maximum output torque is 400 lbs.

Carrier Bar

Carrier bar available for 11-12” spacing and 16” spacing


Weight excluding carrier bar is 56 lbs.*

Load Capacity

Load capacity is 36,500 lbs.

Downhole Pump Damage Can Be Minimized

Learn how to protect your investment and extend the life of your pumps


I like that it eliminates 10 steps in our well tap procedure and significantly reduces the hazards. It takes half of the time to tap a well with it. It’s also very precise, so we will increase the life of our downhole pumps, especially in problem wells.

Field Production Lead

Central Alberta

Not having to remove the clamps is great, but I really found the ability to adjust the height so precisely to be a pretty big deal too. Overall, much quicker and easier process to tap a well with this unit.

Oilfield Operator

West Central Alberta



Based in Calgary, Silverstream Energy Solutions Inc. proudly manufactures and distributes RotaTap rod rotators. Manufactured in Canada, we are committed to exceptional quality and our vendors adhere to strict quality standards. Safety is critical to Silverstream and our customers. Highly qualified field and service technicians are available within Western Canada to supervise initial RotaTap installs onsite, as well as to provide training and ongoing service and support.

Silverstream’s President is Tracie Reed. Tracie has a Commerce degree from the University of Saskatchewan and brings a wealth of experience from diverse industries. She’s been working within the oil and gas manufacturing industry since 2012. She enjoys the challenge and the complexity of the industry, where there is always space for entrepreneurs who listen, solve problems, work hard and employ good people.