NEW Technology


If you have a new product idea that solves a problem and you are looking for support to scale your innovation, we invite you to get in touch with us for a conversation. If we discover it makes sense for us to collaborate and work together, we can discuss our path forward.

We take a customized approach with each client. We assess and work with prospective clients to review and validate field performance, as well as market fit. We ask tough questions, and we are honest. Sometimes our message will be we aren’t a good fit to help tell your story. On the other hand, if we mutually agree Silverstream is the right partner to help commercialize and introduce your product to the market, we’ll talk about the next steps and what it looks like to work together.

Once we understand your unique solution and value proposition, we will develop a strategic commercialization plan that includes building product awareness. We will support your participation in key industry conferences and engaging with thought leaders/ decision makers to move your relationships forward. Think of us as a coach – with established networks and relationships to support your market entry and commercialization journey. We typically work with new companies for a minimum of 12 – 24 months, so it’s a commitment for both of us.  

Whether we work together or not, we are always happy to schedule a conversation to explore new technologies.