If you are an energy company who values safety and is frustrated by costs associated with rod pump damage or failures caused by inaccurate rod string spacing and rod string wear, we can help. Traditional rod rotators may experience frequent failures, however the RotaTap™ is weather sealed and built to last. RotaTap™ reduces risk to field personnel and makes fine tuning the rod string spacing quick and easy, while reducing maintenance costs and productivity.

The RotaTap™ design is based on thirty years of field experience and the belief there is a safer, more efficient way to space a rod string, vastly improving the operability and reliability beyond traditional rod rotators.

To fine tune rod string spacing,  the 12” of height adjustability provides a safe and precise method to adjust the rod string easily and safely without removing the rod clamps.

With proven results in the field for more than five years, the RotaTap tool delivers on its promises.


  • Artificial lift operations frequently use a rod rotator to reduce erosional wear on the rod string. However, in some areas gas interference may require frequent rod string adjustments to optimize rod pump performance.
  • Traditional rod rotators require removal of the rod clamps which is time consuming and exposes the operator to an elevated safety risk with considerable pinch point and body positioning hazards.
  • The RotaTap tool’s height adjustability feature eliminates the need to remove rod clamps, and its 12” of travel improves spacing accuracy for maximum bottom hole pump (BHP) stroke utilization, thereby reducing risk of pump damage or failure.
  • Pump failures result in lost production time, as well as considerable replacement pump and workover costs.
  • RotaTap is built to last.  Manufactured with premium bearings, quality castings and high alloy, its robust design and durability set it apart.
  • Rotatap works in tandem with wireless load cells for seamless data integration.


RotaTap™ reduces the oilfield operator’s risk of injury when adjusting the rod string. This is especially important in remote areas, when the operator is working alone.


The RotaTap tool’s height adjustability allows for an accurate placement to increase pump longevity. Deeper wells may require more frequent minor adjustments due to their complexity.

Cost Saving

Field studies show using a RotaTap tool is up to 2-3X faster when adjusting a rod string. Avoiding premature downhole pump failure saves thousands of dollars. RotaTap extends the life of the rod string by preventing wear. It reduces downtime & lost well production.

Silverstream’s distribution partner for the RotaTap in the United States is Wellhead Systems Inc. Please contact your regional WSI Manufacturer representative for convenient local product assistance and support.

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